Maximizing Barry Furniture UMKM Profits with the Linear Simplex Program Method

  • Clara Rosita Hani Yuli Astuti Semarang State University
  • Rosa Angela Stefany Universitas Negeri Semarang
  • Wakhid Fitri Albar Semarang State University
Keywords: Linear Programs, Profit, Simplex Method, Furniture


In today's era, furniture is a type of business that has big profits, however, it requires a large amount of capital to start the business. Many furniture entrepreneurs are competing to be the best by improving the quality of their products in order to obtain results that are worthy of competing with other products. In addition to quality, entrepreneurs also need to improve performance in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in running their business. This performance improvement aims to obtain the maximum possible profit. Barry Furniture UMKM also wants to experience this. To obtain maximum profit, proper analysis is needed so that this analysis can help entrepreneurs to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in running a business. In conducting the analysis, the Linear Programming analysis tool with the Simplex Method was used. From the results of this study it can be concluded that in order to obtain maximum profit, Barry Furniture needs to produce 60 tables and 60 chairs. If Barry Furniture follows the results of this analysis, it is estimated that in less than one month they will earn a profit of IDR 1,800,000.00.


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Astuti, C., Stefany, R., & Albar, W. (2023). Maximizing Barry Furniture UMKM Profits with the Linear Simplex Program Method. Jurnal Saintek Lahan Kering, 6(1), 4-5.
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