Implementation of Bayes' Theorem in Expert Systems to Diagnose Diseases in Tomato Plants

  • Yuliana Febriyanti Tefa Universitas Timor
  • Darsono Nababan Faculty of Agriculture, Timor University
  • Yasinta Oktaviana Legu Rema Faculty of Agriculture, Timor University
  • Hevi Herlina Ullu Faculty of Agriculture, Timor University
Keywords: Pest, Disease, Expert system, Tomato Plant, Bayes' theorem


The number of diseases in tomatoes today can make farmers confused in determining or choosing the type of treatment that suits the tomato disease. This  what makes farmers in K district North Central Timor it's hard to get results because they can't consult with experts , so that the level of productivity decreases. -based expert system web can be used to solve problems in terms of helping each farmer in dealing with pests and diseases . The method used in diagnosing is disease in tomato plants is a method bayes theorem , where each alternative provided will be give the value of the hypothesis to get the best results. Hypothesis value in tomato disease ranges from 1 to 0.1 where for hypothesis value 1 is a hypothetical value which shows that the results of this value prove that tomato plants are very specific to diseases and pests while hypothesis value 0.1 indicates that there is no specific for pests and diseases but is found in other diseases. From the results of the study it can be concluded that the system expert which is built is expected to be able to help farmers in Diagnosing diseases and pests on tomato plants in accordance with calculation results bayes obtained.


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Tefa, Y., Nababan, D., Rema, Y., & Ullu, H. (2023). Implementation of Bayes’ Theorem in Expert Systems to Diagnose Diseases in Tomato Plants. Jurnal Saintek Lahan Kering, 5(2), 44-47.
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